Wednesday, May 21

A Chocolate Card

I did a card for Karla's Aunt Caroline (of Karla's Cottage). This card is made out of chocolate clay. I loved doing this as I have done chocolate clay in a smaller version but not a big card - once again I have been stretched creatively here in Blogland. I did send a smaller version of this card as a backup just in case.

I have been busy with this and my mermaid swap and of course, squirrel feeders. Not to mention putting out all the seed and nuts for the birdfeeders and squirrel feeders. What hungry little critters and getting quite rounded. Certainly a well fed bunch!

Thursday, May 1

Yet another Birdfeeder...

And an adoreably cute little non-feathered visitor! Hmmm, looks like he might be needing his own little diner, plus he might have some hungry friends. So, on to another woodworking project - a squirrel feeder.

Here is the most recent finished birdfeeder added to the metal pole. I have really liked helping to make these. Power tools are loud and well powerful, they take some getting used to, but it is fun to learn more skills. The painting is the best part though.

Now, on to study some squirrel feeder woodworking plans...