Thursday, July 3

Crepe Paper July 4th Blue Ribbon Tutorial

I took a roll of blue crepe paper (from Party Supply store) and cut it into short lengths. I apply several of these lengths from left to right, gluing the first one down and then the next and so on each one overlapping the previous one. The base is a square piece of computer/typing paper.
I use regular tacky glue applied with a toothpick.

I take two 'tail' lengths and cut a point into the bottom. These are glued on. Note the other round crepe paper piece. This is first joined with glue at the bottom forming the circle. Then glue is applied to the bottom of the circle piece and put on to form a bow. Trim away any excess typing paper that shows.

Since it looked plain, I appled a white flatened circle, then a red one on top.

Now to go finish up some more for our Fourth of July decor!