Thursday, February 25

Been awhile and update and a Swap

Gosh do they still even have my blog online I wondered? Yes, still here and joy for there is a swap that I just barely got into which I need right now.

The talented Karla of Karla's Cottage (hubby will insert link later) is hosting a wonderful Alice in Wonderland tag swap.

My precious, most wonderful, constant companion Toto has a seizure disorder. It turns out it was not mycotoxicosis poisoning after all. She has required a lot of monitoring and we made the decision to put her on the medication for this. Talk about emotionally draining, stress eating, financially gobbling, sleepless weeks (they come at night).

Little thought about blogging but then found out about this tag swap. Yes, definintely still reading blogs - so much fun to read about what others are up to and happened upon Karla's swap just in time.

The Alice in Wonderland swap and soon the movie!