Friday, June 26

Mad Hatters Tea Party

Preparations for the Mad Hatters Tea Party were in full swing.
This fabulously famous event was anticipated by all of Blogdom.
The Queen had verily and busily baked some tasty tarts.

She had baked chocolate tarts and even chocolate heart tarts.
Peter Piper had given her the recipe for a red non-pickled pepper tart.

Later, a messenger hurriedly arrived to deliver a message to the Queen.
Someone had absconded with those tasties, those tarts!

Drat, but how could this have happened queried the Queen (of Hearts),
Someone has stolen my tasty tray of tarts.

She paced to and fro contemplating this would be greedy culprit.
And she had not too short a list of suspects...

Was it the virile Guard she had set out on duty to protect the tarts? Surely not...

or the handsomely weary world Traveler that had dropped by just as the tarts were made?

Or this rakish Charmer? Impossible. why he could afford a pirate's bounty of tarts!

Hmmmm, to set a trap - that would be the way to catch this smart tart thief!

The Queen of Hearts once again made some tarts all in one long day.
Now these tarts would be rigged from the start all doused in a liquor-ish way.

The Knave of Hearts, slyly at the start, did take and devour them away.

Soon all concerned noticed the Knave of Hearts did hop kind of funny.

Aha, they had caught the non-teetotaler tart thief - the little Bunny!

The taker was forgiven - he's such a cute little (hi-cup) Hunny.

This is amazing - I heard sounds in the kitchen and went in there and found that Bunny (aka Knave of Hearts) and the Queen of Hearts had made a chocolate clay theater - naturally in their size so they could step right up on stage and act out this Tale of Tarts.

These are just too stickerish sweetly cute - all involving storybook and tea party themes! Just post a comment on this post through til this Sunday (must have an email or blog where I can reach you if you win) and there will be a drawing for these.

Now off to visit the other tea partyers! And thanks to Vanessa for hosting this fantabulous Mad Hatter's Tea Party.

Edited to add on Monday: This wonderful tea party really has not ended for a lot of us just because it is Monday and I am even still visiting other parties - so the final date has been extended for the stickers until this Wednesday to give other party goers a chance to win them. Happy party hopping!

AND The Winner of the Sticker Giveaway is....

Zan Asha


Monday, June 22

Have you heard??? are you going to be there?

get on board for what all of Blogdom is buzzing about:

Vanessa Valencia's Second Annual Mad Hatter's Tea Party
this Saturday, June 27.

Click on the Mad Hatter Tea Party banner at the very top
right and you will be linked right to the her blog for more

Don't miss out on this frolic'n fun exstravaganza!

Tuesday, June 9

Summer Fun and a Show Me Your Crown Blogparty

Yippee -- a crown blog party!

Finally it's summer - Doggie Daycare is out and I get to spend the summer with mommy every day. We are trying out some home schooling.

Me and mommy were reading blogs together and found the "Show Me Your Crown" blogparty hosted by Andrea of Vintage Bella Studio . I got so excited about this! I asked if I could try it out myself.

This week our lesson plan was of a nautical theme...

I watched Flipper in a movie this week. I liked it! I asked mommy if I could have a crown with Flipper on it.

During craft time yesterday I made this crown (with only a little help). I also strung some shells - I think this shell necklace really completes the look.

Then it was time to get ready for the big "Show Me Your Crown" blogparty.

Mommy put make up on me, as she says that helps my features show up better on camera.

She only uses the purest make up on me (and not animal tested!) 100% Pure has a great berry blusher that I like. Anyway, I got made up and was ready.

I sit patiently as daddy fits me with my shell necklace...

Posing is a breeze and my smiles flow freely...

Then time for my favorite summer treat: corn on the cob - yum!!!

Now off to visit the other partygoers with their beautiful crowns!

Monday, June 8

Marie Antoinette Collage Swap

hosted by Maria of The Junk Drawer netted me a great swap partner.

Sue (who does not have a blog but lets hope she gets one) sent me this gorgeous collage. All of these jewels just sparkle - the effect is pure loveliness.

I sent a collage and since she was so nice about me sending it a day late I made a Marie paper doll for her.

Thank you Sue for the fantastic collage and thank you Maria for hosting this fun swap!