Saturday, October 18

Ahhh, they seem to be hitting it off. Don't get too cozy as we are off to visit the other blog partygoers!

Here she is, the little beauty! Mr. Ware please promise you shall be on your beast, uh I mean best behaviour! That etiquette class I sprang for shall come in quite handy. You are quite the charmer.

Mr. Ware!

Welcome back, Mr. Ware, I must say you do look much more presentable! What took you so long? Goodness, I do hope you are not inebriated! - oh well, never mind. The others have already been here and left. You are in luck though, there is one more little lady still here and she is a beauty!

Greetings ladies, guys and assorted ghouls.

We are here for our Halloween Extravaganza Blog Party. I have invited one of my closest and dearest friends, Mr. Were (pronounced 'Ware'). He has brought his contribution to our little Potluck - Wolf Brand Chili. What's this? tsk tsk tsk, he has arrived in much too casual wear. I send him back home howling and screaming to change into something more suitable.

A Halloween Party!!!

Yeah, yippee, the fabulously fabulous Vanessa Valencia is hosting a Spooky Soiree of sorts. AND I am here and setting up for all you guys and ghouls out there,


and come parched and famished!