Friday, August 21

The Wizard of Oz Blogparty

How wonderful that Twyla and Lindsey of Two Crazy Crafters would host a celebration of this great movie.

All the dogs got so excited and well...let's let Stuart type from here on out...

Mommy told us about the Wizard of Oz Blogparty.

I was excited!

We have been working hard and having fun homeschooling this summer. I overheard Mommy tell Daddy that we will continue to do so - she said it is cost e-fish-ent - whatever that means. All I know is that I am having lots of fun to miss the doggie daycare.

The Lesson Plans for this week were about The Wizard of Oz.

We worked on menu planning, thinking up creative dishes of a Wizard of Oz theme.


These are all CERTIFIED and
Toto-ally APPROVED:

Tree Thrown Apple Fritters

Poppy Seed Muffins

Relish the Adventure Relish Tray

Witch's Wicked Beef Stew Brew

Aunti M's Biscuits and Gravy

Glenda the Good (for you) Witch's Vegetarian Stew

Lions and Tigers and a Bear Claw Pastry

Ruby Slipper Red Velvet Cake

For snack time we had a Relish the Adventure Relish Tray.

My favorite was the doggie relish tray which consisted of chicken and crackers - mmmmmmm.

After eating it was time to do our Theater Arts segment. We got to get in the fabric box and decide who would be who in the Wizard of Oz dress up.

Confusion ensued! Toto wanted to play the Good Witch. I wanted to play Toto. Ariel did not really mind who she played.

We settled this by having Toto play Toto (a logical fit and no costume needed) and Ariel play the Wicked Witch (not a logical fit) and me play Glinda the Good Witch (a perfect fit).

Here I am (Stuart) as Glinda the Good Witch

Here is Ariel:

Here is Toto:

We had fun but the day's lessons were still not done.

We had computer time and found these facts about The Wizard of Oz movie:

Toto was a rescue (she barked too much and was not wanted).
Toto was a girl.
Toto should have won an academy award.

Next it was craft time.

Mommy is working on a book called "How to Homeschool Your Dogs". She is almost done with the chapter on 'crafts from throw away items'. For this project she took some scrap paper destined for the recycle bin and traced each of our paws on the paper. We colored it in with a little help. We rolled up some paper to form the stick.

And we had a paper Lolli-paw-p (pronounced Lollipop). The Lollipop Guild is our favorite song.

Whew, what a day!

Mommy is going to read to me "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" tonight as my bedtime story. It was a busy day and we are tired - thank you Twyla and Lindsey for hosting this fun blogparty - It was pawsitively the best!