Friday, October 15

Wizard of Oz Tags Have Arrived!

And they are all so beautiful. Karla Nathan (who does not know who she is by now - one of the top art/craft/decorating bloggers) hosted yet again a wonderful little swap.

Although this swap was a lot of work for her she sure brightened my day.

What detail and care went into each of these tags from many people. The one Karla made even has a (yippee) little Toto charm. I have a little dog named Toto and this is a wonderful little charm.

All the others, who do not have blogs but emails, I shall email you to thank you for the work and beauty you put into these beautiful tags.

But for Karla, I may not have partcipated in anything this year. Her tag swaps were a great creative and inexpensive way to connect with one another.

Thank you so much Karla!