Thursday, August 14

Sunflower Harvest

A sunny summer harvest is getting me in the mood for fall (this would look good with a scarecrow standing guard).

I have an ambitious birding program and feed lots of birds. They love sunflower seeds and these flowers were volunteers. Mammoth volunteers. These towered over me!

I let the sunflower heads dry and was able to pluck some of the seeds and set them out for the birds. Some people just set out the dried flower head on a branch or feeder and let the birds select their seeds. Either way they love homegrown seeds.

Monday, August 11

New Camera and Lots of Swaps!

I have finally figured out a major impediment to good photography:

NOT having the latest model of a camera. My old one was only bought last year but in the interim the improvement of the Kodak camera is amazing. I am just now getting the hang of the new camera and am quickly taking pics.

And I have signed up for three swaps. Yippee!

Nothing like a swap to get one creating.

I will need to get the swap banners posted. One is for Wizard of Oz and the others are Halloween related.

Hope all have been having a great summer.