Sunday, November 2

Greetings Lovely Ladies of The Court

as we convene to celebrate the birthday of our beloved Queen!

We gather with a salabrious salutation to our Queen Marie Antoinette hosted by Cupids Charm. And what better way to celebrate than with a hot chocolate drink that the royals always loved to indulge in. This drink is a combination of hot chocolat, creme and espresso - A Royal jolt of energy and healthy chocolate benefits...hence the name:


Espresso (or strong brewed coffee)
Vanilla Extract
Cream: heavy whipping cream from the dairy
Dark Chocolate Bar
Cocoa powder
White Sugar
Crushed nibs of Cocoa (optional)

This merely requires assembling to taste: Take your hot espresso, add in some small chunks of dark chocolate bar, a scant tespoon of vanilla and stir carefully. Add in the cream and stir. Now whip the cream and top off the drink. Now the fun garnish part: top off with sprinklings of sugar, dustings of cocoa, shavings of dark chocolate and crushings of cocoa nibs...

There you have a frothily frivolous confection fit for a Queen and her Royal Ladies!

I paper dolled up the cafe cups and even the bar of chocolat - Marie looks so wonderful with chocolat.

Careful as you lift it. And CHEERS - here's to our Queen!