Friday, March 20

Compost Warning regarding Dogs

composting can be downright dangerous for your dogs. In fact, in some cases it can be very serious.

Mycotoxicosis. This can develop in compost and if ingested can make your dog very ill. Although this used to be rare it is getting found more often as more people are composting.

The dog that had been into the emergency room the previous week with this died from this. It sometimes even goes undiagnosed or misdiagnosed unless a vet can pick up on it and quickly treat it.

I have been composting for years and have even attended "master composter" classes. My husband in his profession works closely with composting experts but we had never heard of this potentially toxic result.

Quick action by me in getting Toto to the emergency vet and the vet recognizing what it was saved her. She will be fine - but still...

We are dismantling our compost bin. For now, I am not taking any chances; the dog that died from this had an owner that had the precaution of a lidded compost bin, but the dog still got into it.

Please be careful with your precious pets and the seemingly innocuous compost bin.