Tuesday, June 9

Summer Fun and a Show Me Your Crown Blogparty

Yippee -- a crown blog party!

Finally it's summer - Doggie Daycare is out and I get to spend the summer with mommy every day. We are trying out some home schooling.

Me and mommy were reading blogs together and found the "Show Me Your Crown" blogparty hosted by Andrea of Vintage Bella Studio . I got so excited about this! I asked if I could try it out myself.

This week our lesson plan was of a nautical theme...

I watched Flipper in a movie this week. I liked it! I asked mommy if I could have a crown with Flipper on it.

During craft time yesterday I made this crown (with only a little help). I also strung some shells - I think this shell necklace really completes the look.

Then it was time to get ready for the big "Show Me Your Crown" blogparty.

Mommy put make up on me, as she says that helps my features show up better on camera.

She only uses the purest make up on me (and not animal tested!) 100% Pure has a great berry blusher that I like. Anyway, I got made up and was ready.

I sit patiently as daddy fits me with my shell necklace...

Posing is a breeze and my smiles flow freely...

Then time for my favorite summer treat: corn on the cob - yum!!!

Now off to visit the other partygoers with their beautiful crowns!