Wednesday, April 23

A Bird at the Birdfeeder

First, this is the next birdfeeder on our assembly line. Yes, we are just cranking these on out! This is a great springtime project and Earth Day project (we are using old paint in the garage for this one). It appears to be puce but actually has a gorgeous pale green tint to it (some colors just do not photograph well).

After we put up the first birdfeeder last week Hubby would rush to the window to see the feasting feathered friends - only there were no shows. It was as if we had opended a bird diner and no customers were coming in. He was so disappointed - so - I, very sneakily, ran out and put an adorable little chick (fake of course!) on the feeder as if he were perched there (with the help of some 'duck' tape).

I did have to contain the guffaws as Hubby went to the window and saw this little sweet fellow indulging in some bird seed. Hubby was so excited and ran out there only to discover my ploy. Later that day some real birds did end up eating at the birdfeeder.

That is good as we are working quickly to get the second feeder out there.

He is hanging on even with a strong gust of wind!