Thursday, April 10

More Birdhouses!

My Hubby saw the blah birdhouse I redid for the Bling Your Birdhouse Blog Party. He was so impressed he got out some wood and made several more.
A Lavender one and...

Here are four more posing in a line up. He is cranking these on out. Hey, uh Dear, what am I going to do with all these birdhouses? How about making something else?

Our little garage workshop...he started a birdfeeder - a Gazebo Birdfeeder - something I have always wanted.

I am painting this soon-to-be Gazebo Birdfeeder green to match the trim on our house. The birds will be dining in high style.

Lumber is super cheap now due to building taking a back seat in this economy. This is so much fun to do and I am getting out there in the garage workshop also, learning a few power tools.