Friday, April 4

Faux Fur may not be Fake

Ugh, I could have sworn that sometime last year I heard someone utter be sure you buy fake fake fur and not ‘fake’ fake fur. Horrors, it turns out some faux fur has been actual dog fur. I am not talking about a canine cousin of dogs as in dog raccoon but domesticated dogs. Seems this was easier to ‘produce’ than any synthetic fur.

I was actually going to get in a supply of fake fur for any Santa’s I would make for the holidays. Not now. When you get respected news organizations reporting on this you know something is going on. This dog fur is coming from China (hmmm, they seem to be bringing us so many chest clutching scares – what with the lead toys and dog food scandal).

And on another note about dogs – today (April 4, 2008) Oprah has a show devoted to her beloved dog Sophie who passed away recently. In this tribute show she is revealing what goes on in puppy mills. This is a topic near and dear to me as I have a puppy mill rescued dog named Silkey.

Both of these important dog topics are something that we don’t just wring our hands about and wonder what can I do? Being consumers we can make all the difference by being informed and making purchases based on information.

We don’t buy pet shop puppies (there are so many wonderful pets at your local shelter) and now I will be very careful to buy fake faux fur. One exciting trend…faux fur from organic cotton – and this stuff looks fantastic, would make a fabulous trim on a Santa’s coat. But, do I tell Hubby now that a faux fur Jacket by Loyale at $340.00 would be bought to cut up for my fake fur stash? Maybe I better not! Or maybe I should find a cheaper way to get the organic cotton faux fur.

Seems now the key thing is to specify what type of faux fur you want. I do not want any fur in my faux fur.