Saturday, December 13

Favorite Things

My favorite things at Christmas time are:

Christmas movies to set the mood. I only hope Santa got my letter asking for that Kit Kittredge Dvd. If so, this year's collection will be complete.

Handmade ornaments. I try to make something handmade each year. This year was easy as all I had to do was gold dust a dried pomegranate left over from my botched foray into daily pomegranate eating.

The best Holiday drink ever! I just take coffee add some egg nog, a bit of rum extract and a nutmeg topped whipped cream dollop. Love this, I drink this all day long now.

Cute Christmas Chis. Our littelest dogs in their Santa outfits. They just love to pose for the camera.


Stuart Little

And speaking of cute dogs a fanatastic blog discovery:

I just recently discovered this.
The Christmas Corgi Blog
The name of this blog says it all.
Corgis and Christmas. A really fun blog to read.