Thursday, October 8

Petfinder and finding a Pet

What have I been up to? Trying to get a little dog and make a difference in it's life.

I wrote about the loss of my dogs, little Silkey and Sprout that passed this summer.

I felt it was time to start looking for another little pet.


Petfinder (a website that lists all dogs and other pets available) has lots of listings from shelters, humane societies/SPCA groups and rescue groups. No longer does a person have to go in person to a city shelter to look at all the dogs and cats. Most city shelters list on petfinder and you type in the size, age range and breed of pet you want.

I started checking Petfinder any time I got a spare minute at the computer.


Groups that tend to have less strict criteria are the SPCA groups, some Humane Society Groups and of course, City Shelters. The SPCA will do a home visit for pit bull adoptions (a very good idea).

If you find a pet on Petfinder feel free to call for any details. Make sure a heartworm test is done, spaying will be performed and shots given.

If it is a rescue group that has a dog you like check out their qualifications and ask about their criteria - some now require all animals in the household to be spayed and every animal to have heartworm preventative for 5 years in their own names. Many feel some of them are getting so strict as to be hurdles. Some are not as strict though and work very hard at getting a pet a good home. You have to be persistent and find one that you might qualify.

The wonderful lady I got Silkey from was no longer doing rescues.

Call and check the pet is still at the shelter/SPCA as we got there and the little dog had been adopted - they had not had time to update their Petfinder listing.

Puppymills are happily being done away with (Petland is one of the few stores remaining that sell puppymill puppies) thanks to Petfinder and public awareness.

Another tip: if going to a shelter, as a precaution, when you get home, take off your sneakers outside and run them through the washer then air dry. I do not want to expose my pets to anything such as dog flu or kennel cough and am extra careful this way.

Have you checked out the guys and new reality show "Rescue Ink"? These tough looking hunky guys go out and make a difference in animals' lives. They actually are out working on animal problems, really rescuing them - a great bunch of guys. An upcoming episode has them trying to help some dogs susupected being involved in pit bull dog fighting.