Friday, October 16

Hello There Dearies,

Do come in...truly glad to welcome some of you from Vanessa's A Fanciful Twist Halloween Blogparty...

Here we are in a (six degrees of Kevin Bacon way) close relations’ fabulous kitchen.

I have been cooking up a storm working on recipes from the “Mrs. Lovett’s Secret Recipes Collection” and everyone, well, they just ‘love it’! It does take a bit of effort to ‘catch’ her truly secret yet tasty ingredient.

Little known but actual fact – many true crime buffs will tell you there really was a Barber of Feet Street and his creative cooking companion in London’s history coinciding along with lots of tasty pies with many missing people – I mean people missing - in the vicinity of the barber shop. It took ages for the lax and lazy police to figure out this wily couples’ ways and means. Many an officer themselves gorged on the infamous meat pies.

Ahh, here you have caught me slaving over a hot stove making my special stew (the secret really is in the sauce). You need a Basil, some Manwich and well a helping foot ... er hand.

Trust me, don’t be shy, take a bite - it really does taste like chicken!

What’s that? You are a vegetarian -
Not to worry, I have for those of you ‘going green’ (and by the way green humans do look so fresh) my soylent green sandwiches. And these are jam packed with only the freshest raw soylent green. Not any rationing going on here – I have my own private supply – so dig right in, there is plenty more. I know other hostesses will be absolutely green with envy – they shouldn't be because now my dinner plans can truly involve them.

Check out my finger food and tarts – what beauties . They were always so eager to lend a helping hand.

Everyone, wait your turn, don’t rush the tray loaded with The Tasty Toes, that's right toes not toads! And what goes so well with these but a well aged hand-crafted cheese. We are considering going into the gourmet cheese business – but we have only toed around with the idea so far.

Well have so enjoyed having all of you delightful ladies for dinner and careful, do watch your heads on the way out!

Gals I will get to your blogs - what a blogparty blast! All of these (other than the plastic foot and real creme cheese sandwiches) are made of that old fashioned flour dough craft clay. You just shape your flour dough and lightly bake then paint with food coloring. There are some recipes for edible sculpted bread fingers.

And: there is a theory based on some extensive research that there really was a man and lady selling the meat pies made of people in old London. Eeeek.