Thursday, October 15

Hi there, Stuart here with the latest news…

Meet little Chloe.

She has fun playing with my toys.

She sleeps on Daddy,

Here is me, Stuart, trying out my new costume, it is comfortable and fun to lounge around in.

Did you know that several years ago I was freed from a cage by my Mom? Some wonderful ladies at a shelter had hidden me in the rabbit room - I have long ears and blended in but had to be quiet. I was a 'smiler' and they could not give me that scarey shot. No one had wanted to adopt me because I was a biter. I am glad Mommy came and adopted me.

I will be going Trick or Treating with Toto who will go as Toto of Wizard of Oz. We only go to neighbors’ houses that we know. Mommy always sorts through our candy bag and somehow people give us tasty dog treats and crackers.

Dressing up in costumes and eating treats - Halloween is a fun time!