Friday, February 15


A three tiered white paper mache cake on a real cake stand. I used some chocolate clay hearts, repurposed craft store rose, real rose petals. This is
(for me) utterly fascinating and fun to dress up my plain white cake.

Basic paper mache white cake with various real/repurposed/fake crepe/chocolate clay items on it. Also: some photo editing done
after the picture was taken for a different color scheme.

Basic paper mache white cake with chocolate clay heart, roses cut off Valentine candy boxes and real red rose petals.

With repurposed craft store flower which was cut apart, vintaged, distressed and lightly glittered.
Whew! Spent hours figuring out the picture posting, even with hubby's help it was quite a challenge. But at last some pictures. Now to figure out flckr.
Blogland with pictures is a lot better. And it looks like I got my first comment,
Thanks! I also entered in time in the fantastic Easter Basket Swap, there are even some international swap participants. Blogland is a great place. I have learned so much in just a week.