Friday, February 29

Friday - whew,

What a week. No it was not the Blogger's Honeymoon that caused me to blog so much that first week, it was the fact that I had not started all these projects and a challenge to myself. Also, I made a run to the library and got a stack of books and I also this past week joined the Biggest Loser online club.

I somehow, unbeknownst to me, ended up with a really hardcore group of exercisers that are really into this stuff and sponsoring a challenge that I joined. We even had to publicly post our measurements added up and our weight (ouch!). It is what I need but the day is being devoted to hours of exercise (much like the people on the show). Ugh, I am sore, tired and not getting all the chocolate/cocoa and lattes that I love to have. Horrors,
I almost absent mindedly popped a chocolate clay rose into my mouth as I was putting up my Valentine's display. Caught myself in time though. That would have taken another hour trudging on the treadmill to work off.

Project update:

Today, when the dogs were taking their nap, I primed my plant stand in the back yard. I also, today, spotted a good color candidate on someone's garage door. They had just painted it and what a wonderful green shade it is. I also saw a blue that I found in a Painting Cottage Scenes on Shovels chapter of a decorative art book and what a blue it is - gorgeous. These are some choices but I also keep dallying back to simple shabby chic white.

I will photograph that garage door, surreptiously while no one is watching (I have to get out of my car to do this and this has attracted the attention before of an overzealous security guard on duty) and I will take that photo and have the paint guy/gal at the Depot match it. I will scan the shovel painting and have that matched too. These colors are ones to keep on hand, plus I can decide which one to use.

Well, my project is done and it is time to yet again go exercise.