Monday, February 11


I got in a good bit of painting yesterday, I am practicing on an old cardboard box (pre-recycled). I have some furniture I want to paint and this is the best practice method I have found.

To practice on an easily controlled piece of paper is just not the same as the reality of painting not so easily controlled furniture.

But it is fun practice. I got out some old latex paint and brushed that on, and am doing some more detailed painting with some Folk Art acrylics. I ran up to the craft store and got some floral colors: Lavender, Lilac and Teal. Great cottage garden and beach cottage colors.

The teal is the real beauty. I can just imagine...We have a drab, brown standard aquarium issue piece of furntiure you set your aquarium on. This aquarium sure could use some beach cottage shabby teal/tourquoise treatment. The water stand nearby could also do with some fantastic shell applications on it.

On my jaunt to the library I picked up a book "Shell Chic" by Marlene Marshall. The cover has the cutest photo of a little baby standing tiptoe looking into a shell covered vintage tub. Lots of fantastic projects including instructions for an octopus chandelier. It is one of those projects that starts off with chicken wire. You know you are in for some major craft fun with that! Get your gloves on and clear the decks.

Hmmm, what a fun summer project...