Tuesday, February 12

Countdown to Valentines

I have the kitchen table covered with several simultaneous projects going on for our celebration of Valentine's Day. Hubby and me had our first date on a Valentine's Day and it is always special.

I love to decorate for this occasion. I am making a bunch of decorations out of papier mache, plaster, spackle, glitter and Chocolate Clay...

Chocolate Clay

I have not known long about this but I do remember the day I made this discovery. Alas, happening upon something that combines my love of sculpting along with food which ends up being food as art. This clay has that heady deep chocolate aroma... It really truly is a dream to work with.

Several recipes abound for this but it is basically taking your bittersweet bar chocolate and melting it with corn syrup. You knead it, work with it and form all sorts of yummy concoctions that look good enough to eat.

Due to strict dieting I have a whole fascination of having fake food around the house. To eat this or that delectable is a question that does not even come up yet you get the sweetened atmosphere that having desserts around creates.

Back to my kitchen where I have chocolate sitting out ready to be molded, plaster setting up and newspapers shredded for that fake cake.
A great big messy project!