Tuesday, February 26

Project update/Dog emergency

Did not end up even getting to furniture project. Had to rush my doggie to the vet. She is ok now, but am I glad I had all systems on go...

I always have a checklist for what must be done and always in place for a dog emergency. These things must be ready at all times.

1. Always have gas in the car.
2. Always have the ole credit card around.
3. Always have cell phone batteries charged up.
4. Know the emergency procedure, such as calling vet's office to know if I should keep driving or pull over and start dog cpr, and to let them know of what the incoming emergency is.

Whew. My dog still has some test results but it may have just been a nosebleed. She was doing one of those backward sneezes for a long time and as I checked on her I saw blood coming out of (what I thought) was her mouth.

Eeek. Scary situation. And could not reach Hubby or Sis. Finally did as the tech came out and asked me if I used any rat poison. I said no, we do not own rat poison. Yet I was told to check on the other dogs as the symptoms were showing as poisoning. I actually was quite calm as I drove home and ran in to check for more bleeding noses. The littlest dog appeared to have labored breathing and by then Sis and Hubby had come home and we rushed the littlest dog back up to the vet. She was fine and all were ok. Was not rat poisoning after all.

Goodness, what a circus and some totally shot nerves. Whew! am I glad though I have that emergency plan in place. I only need to make sure it includes some dressing options: I, of course, ditched any attempts at makeup, but in the commotion managed to run out of the house without keys, shoes or a bra (grabbed a sweatshirt though).

Anyway, back to furniture project challenge. I am getting the first series of sandings in. On a huge piece of furniture this sounds easier than it is and of not too much accomplishment - but it is. I am a stickler for sanding the underbelly and other hidden areas. No slap, sand and dash for me. I am using medium grade sandpaper and doing this as a start by hand and not the power sander.

And great news: I heard from my Easter Basket Swap buddy! She is from Australia. An awesome Aussie (sorry just could not resist that - love those Aussies). I think she has a blog but am not sure and she loves things from Micheals - yes - a fun basket to produce for her.

An odd footnote: my comments on other blogs keep coming up as 'anonymous'. How sort of creepy is that? Still need to learn some simple computer things such as putting my name on a comment.