Monday, March 3

Blogging, mechanics of

I have really loved just the flat out blogging part of blogging. It was actually quite easy to start this all by myself that Saturday and join Blogland.

But the thrill was short lived as I realized I just was not doing anything with links, banners, pics, flickr, those thingeys that we display when we are in a swap (the one I am in for the Easter Basket Swap is a wonderful banner).

My Hubby was getting the brunt of trying to figure this stuff out as he is the resident computer expert, but it was turning into for him a sort of old fashioned busman's holiday.

I was also having trouble just commenting on people's blogs with leaving a name and url. I knew it was getting to be ridiculous when I could not even guide my Sis to my blog by phone while she was on her computer. I resorted to printing up my entries for her to read.

I had googled the word 'blog', and even searched for a forum. I was surprised whenever I tried this approach all I found was info on how to MAKE MONEY (always capped) with your Blog.

Huh? People are trying to make moula off of this? Hey, I want to spend money on my blog (those words never crop up on SEO). I knew I would do a blog and actually told Hubby to watch out, we would have a blog budget.

Currently I am wondering about a new camera, one of those that actually look like a digital photo and not a poloroid snapshot taken in a bad light of a puny object. I have read that it is technique that helps with this more than a camera, hmmm, I don't know about that.

I have been scouring the bookstore and have found they have books on blogging.
I am getting one that covers the mechanics of it, not the so called money making potential of it.

On another money and blog note, I am going to save thousands just by having a blog. Discovering the fantastic do it yourself, make it look old and shabique will save a fortune.

We will not have to spend thousands for new furniture - yuch - new - don't want that.

I also will not have to attend (at least not yet) an art class to give me creative outlets, just doing these swaps and challenges is keeping me busy - there's another couple hundred dollars saved. So in a way I am financially doing better with a blog already without even knowing how to technically blog.

Best website discovery:

Swap Dex lists all the current swaps for all sorts of categories. I missed some fun ones, but at least I finally know where they are listed instead of me stumbling upon them. I will link to this when I learn that from my blog book.