Thursday, March 6

A Marie Antoinette Cake

Lest anyone think I have become a Littlest Winner by dropping out of the Biggest Loser (online) Contest rest assured I have not. But my creativity today wandered into the realm of food as art.

I have done cakes/cake decorating. What a hobby and I love to go the Wilson Cake Decorating Aisle at Micheals – they even have edible glitter and sparklies for cakes and cookies. Done well, cakes/cupcakes/cookies make a wonderful hostess gift (or any kind of gift); it is a profitable gifting hobby.

Cakes, even simple cakes, are art. I love the gloppy, too-heavy-a-hand with the icing type of cake. I also love layers. Actually last summer for a cook-out I made this exact same cake except it was real. Being an ambitious caker I made a 3 layer cake with strawberry filling. My other Sis who actually has made a few professional cakes admonished me that I should have put straws into the layers to hold them. I had not and we had this sliding, leaning albeit tasty cake.

We also had purchased the Marie Antoinette DVD and we were screening it. All eaters commented it looked like the Marie Antoinette cake in the opening. What a beautiful film which also happens to be the best dessert movie ever produced.

Now, during dieting days, I admire it sitting there all ribboned up and luscious awaiting that magical day when I can make one for real and run to it delving in, getting dollops of icing on my chin. But, I need to stop this reverie into careless cake eating…

Hubby will be coming home soon but not to fear, he will know it is a fake. I am not that sort of a person who lets unwary people start to eat my desserts while I wheeze with laughter as they take a startled bite and taste plaster and paper and glue!

I love this and it makes a nice display cake that never spoils and no one ever sneaks a taste of. Yes, a cake just like Marie Antoinette had. It is a truly delicious beauty.

[Obviously I have not made that photo lightbox and when one clicks on the photo it enlarges to an abusrdly large size - little glitches I will work out eventually; I did post all of these by myself - finally]