Wednesday, March 12

URL-Friends or Gurl Friends

Get it? G url friends! I have met so many wonderful ladies. And all are truly so nice and friendly and very helpful.

Blogging is really sort of an easily found, convenient scrapbook. You get this digital record of what you have made, done, taken a picture of right there - it does not get easily lost or have to be hauled out of the back of the closet.

But, to be honest I had not realized the amount of work that goes into a blog! I had a chance to visit some of my favs from when I did not have a blog and you get to reread them with a whole new perspective.

I am still working on the Easter Basket Swap and I just got an order of Amazon books in and I got an invite on Flickr which I need to figure out and I will be checking on the gals at that great forum (those are fantastic people there) the Cottage Etsy group.

These blogging skills will come in handy as just in the nick of time Hubby and me joined the MSN Biggest Loser Online Group as a couple. This requires a blog. Now I am in the Biggest Loser Online and the MSN Biggest Loser Couple Challenge (online). Which means I am definitely in Biggest Loser and results in my whole family knowing about it. Last night we had a birthday party for my Nephew and there I wanted the tiniest piece of cake (I mean tinsy) and No! I was not allowed to have any. Hubby snuck me a scant bite or two but I wanted my own itsy piece. No not even that, Sis took it away from me.

She was particularly adamant: "Don't Let Her Eat Cake!"

Hmmm, is that not an echo from days of yore? And she had it wrong, it should have been "let her eat cake"! Yes let all of us eat as much cake as we like. But, alas, that is not going to happen any time soon. Oh those wondrous days I am wistful for - I could eat and eat cake with no thought of the morrow. Which leads me to my current reading: "A Scented Palace" - it is an intoxicating read about Marie Antoinette's perfumer.