Sunday, March 16

My Chocolate Blob

Yes, there it was. An icon on my screen. "CHOCOLATE BLOB" I had thought the result of an easily made transposition of the keys b and g hastily typed by Hubby so as to quickly find my blog during an all night blog-a-thon.

Hmmm, was that a mistake after all?
If I had any doubts they were quickly dispelled when I cheerfully and full of vigor to face the combined challenge of exhaustive exercise and starting a new blog told my husband that we were doing a blog to document our hours of exercise. He could not contain his flat out disappointment.

I was stunned – what’s this? These nights of toil have not been a fun fling?

I can’t say I blame dear Hubby and his not so easily concealed mockery of my blog name (or blob name). It has been work. All of it. Just the picture taking alone is daunting. You got to set up the object to be photographed – careful to watch for all sorts of errant objects that seem to show up in the picture just as you click. Then there is the effort to get the best light. The actual shooting entails keeping the ‘set’ clear. (this alone can turn one into a screaming tyrant – ‘ let’s move it people!!!’) Then when the photos are finally taken you get to look at all the annoyingly magnified details the digital camera reveals.

Next more work as taking a tip from a photography forum I would shoot hundreds of shots of one item – just to find the best one. I insisted we look at each photo to scrutinize it. For a few blog pictures this would be hundreds of photos we reviewed…for hours and hours. Not fun after all I guess.

And for all the effort my photos have that signature Polaroid picture in a bad light effect.
Any creativity has just flown out the window, I am just still working on the mechanics of photos and photography. We are shopping for photo editing programs. I would like to eventually get back to making things.