Tuesday, March 18

Rules to Blog by

As one journeys further into Blogland and participates in exciting things found in this land you learn a few things. The hard way. Things that leave such an impression that you make some of those lessons into rules.

These are:

1. Never, ever think you have your e-swap buddy’s address in your email folder. Print it out pronto. Have several hard copies. You sure would not want to be ready to mail the package and look at the saved email and realize with complete dismay that you have saved their blog address! No not even in blogland do packages get mailed to blog addresses.

2. Always write down upcoming dates of blog events. Refer to it often.

3. Keep a list handy of the full names of your e-friends so that you don’t comment on their page/blog and/or have numerous correspondences with someone who you refer to by the wrong name. There is no edit button to undo that.

4. Be ready for things ahead of time. Make the item, buy the item, get the item days before it is needed. Then you are truly prepared in time for whatever blog event you have entered.

5. Have passwords written down especially if you have several different ones for different forums/groups/blogs. This should be so obvious. I have run into difficulties not paying attention to this one. Frantic typing in of passwords that don’t work and then having to retry with that number/letter entry thing over and over without results - that’ll get ya worked up.

6. Always study computer-ology even though it is frustrating trying to become techno-savvy when this just is not your forte. It also starts to dawn on you that as you seem to master one skill several more needed skills pop up to be learned. A purchase of Photoshop just nets you yet another instruction manual to read.

7. Try not to ever give in to the great temptation of having a pictureless art blog.