Thursday, July 9

A MeMe Award from Sherry & Paper trinket Giveaway

of If I Could Set My Soul Free She has a great blog and just hosted a paper bag swap that was a lot of fun.

Seven things I recently discovered about myself are...

1. Finally, my flagging interest in politics has been restored: Brad Pitt for Mayor.

2. That I love our new ice cream maker. The kind that uses rock salt and real cream and other real ingredients. You can customize some terrific flavors...triple chocolate espresso is an idea.

3. Me and the dogs are really enjoying homeschooling this summer. They get home cooked meals, an invigorating curriculum and we save daycare tuition costs - I just might become a Stay At Home Dog Mom.

4. The precious rescued cats at Animal Rescue League of Elk Grove, California have great taste in tv shows. The League is requesting people donate any spare tv's they might have. These help relax and soothe them. What do these little fur cuties like? -Desperate Housewives and nature shows - in that order.

5. I am an avid pre-cycler. I have a stash of a hidden-from-Hubby hoard of used coffee filters, egg cartons and (horrors) cardboard toilet paper rolls. My most recent swap hosted by Sherry involved paper bags - loved this and never realized both what fun you can have with paper bags and how many you can fit by mashing them flat in the top of a closet.

6. Ab crunches are gone. Outta here, don't need them. No more I should have, would have, could have done a crunch. They may contribute (some sources are saying outright cause) a collapsing pelvic floor. Jaw dropper shocker. Tummy pull-ins held for various counts (yes, a retro isometric exercise) and some pilates non crunchable ab exercises are alternatives.

7. Chocolate is truly a remarkable substance. It really is an affordable necessary luxury. I have found many uses for it - not just eating it (obviously the best use), but creating with it (chocolate clay), imbibing it (chocolate liquor) and even bathing in it (my chocolate truffle sugar scrub). I do not, though, take it to the garden in the form of cocoa shell mulch as this may not be good for dogs.

Thanks Sherry for giving me this award!

Paper tiny trinket Giveaway: (This is not actual life size - the pizza is about the size of a quarter)

This includes my tiny bags for holding the pizzas and a tiny handwritten menu and 1 pizza, and three slices of pizza stickers. Enough for a tiny pizza feast. The stickers are usable as their backing is still attached. These realistic stickers are made by 'sticko'.

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