Sunday, July 12

Welcome to the Ice Cream Social given by

Jenn of Sweet Eye Candy Creations .

What a wonderful idea on a hot day and what a sweet way to cool down...
My childhood memories of ice cream involved the homemade kind. My father had 'farm folk' as relatives and it was a treat to go visit them for they usually had real dairy - the labor intensive kind -such as churned butter (unbelieveably good) and homemade ice cream.

The homemade kind where it had a crank and all the rock salt and had to be done outside in the easily over 100 degree heat. It was a lot of work but worth it.

How much more carefree and easier it is to replicate that now. Real homemade ice cream with an electric ice cream maker - we got one that required rock salt which really brings home that old fashioned creamy taste.

We made three flavors of custard ice cream. Strawberry, creamy blueberry, and chocolate & cherry.

Then, I made an ice cream cone tower with Stuart on top. This ice cream topper is from the tutorial Jenn gave us (actually referred to as a cupcake topper) in the Sweet Six Online Art Seminar. I love how it turned out!

I can't wait to visit the other ladies in the ice cream social and get more ice cream!