Saturday, July 18

A Garden Party hosted by

Susan of Savoring Time in the Kitchen , who not only has a spectacular garden but also has a some wonderful cooking recipes and photos. I got excited when I read she would be having this garden party.

I planned my garden menu around herbs.

The al fresco menu:

Basil with cream cheese sandwiches with rosemary garnish.

Some strawberries and

A strawberry drink I made by taking organic strawberries and simply crushing some into some ice water. Strawberries always make a great garnish.

And some green tiered cupcakes. Piled really high with gloppy icing and lots of sprinkles.

The best for last: homemade mint chocolate chip ice cream - fantastic.

Now off to visit the other Garden Partygoers.

Just got to everyone on the list and I tell you - the gardens and produce are spectacular! A lot of people do not realize the work that goes into gardens (that is why I stick with herbs which are a bit less work). Such beautiful, well tended gardens at all the blogs. It was actually like reading a gardening magazine.

What a fun garden party - thanks Susan for hosting this!