Monday, July 27

Mycotoxicosis again

Just disbelief as I saw Toto come in jump on the bed and I noticed mild shaking.

I told my husband she was shaking and he thought it was just too cold in the house.

I put her down on the floor and she had that walk where she was stumbling around.

And I just flat out have to admit I just freaked out panicked.

Then of course the fast dash to the emergency clinic.

Warning: for other pet owners. Mycotoxicosis is a mold toxin that can form in a compost (dogs can still get to this with a secure lid on it), on food in garbage or food left out (in another case someone had left out a pan with leavings from a roast outside), on grains (put in a compost or in your garbage/kitchen trash), and, as we learned, mulch - the list goes on - leaves, average garden debris, almost anything.

Although a lot of vets are aware of this, some are not, or it can be misdiagnosed or not diagnosed in time or the person could be gone and not realize their dog has this. There is a small window of time to get your dog to the vet and get treatment.

Toto had been in the backyard and I thought it was safe back there - we had dismantled the compost bin months ago when this had happened. Now we found out this toxin can form on mulch, leaves left on the ground, hay used as mulch, basically anything. I am still researching this - pea gravel and plain dirt my be less likely to have this.

I spent the weekend redoing my garden. I am removing the mulch we had.

She had had a full 'dinner' of chicken breast, a bit of pasta and a small amount of prescription diet id. She went outside and I noticed her exploring and nosing in a particular spot around some mulch. The vet said some dogs will put mulch in their mouths.

She was kept for 20 hours at the emergency clinic on an iv. I had told them I would call often and most certainly did.

We went out to the yard and even in the hot southern sun we found mold on the mulch she was nosing around in. Mold forms on moist wood in the enclosed plastic bag you buy at garden centers - so check very carefully and follow up with more checks as it can form underneath the top layer.

Toto is resting comfortably and doing fine. No walks today and she will be getting lots of cozies (when you pile the quilts and comforters in a big pile - dogs love this), pettings, love and chicken dinners (her favorite) - and a good dog movie - the cute Hotel for Dogs.

I will be doing a mold check daily in the backyard on everything and supervising her quite carefully.