Thursday, July 16

A Very Sad Day

I know I talk on about all my wonderful pets. Well, two of the oldest ones were having health problems. They had been going to the vet to take care of these things.

One dog, my beloved Silkey (a puppy mill rescue) had some problems and I had to put her to sleep this past Tuesday.

The next morning I sat in the backyard with my dogs who were missing her and my other oldest dog, Sprout (Little Sprout when younger) went outside with us and then asked to go back in quite quickly. We lingered outside for not more than a few minutes and I went in expecting to find her on the pile of comforters I keep on the den floor for her.

She was missing. I went searching through the house fearful she may have fallen (she had bad arthritis) and could not find her.

I then looked more carefully and found her dead in a place (behind the stairs) that she had never been to. She lay peacefully dead.

I am just heartbroken to lose two of my most precious dogs each day.

My littlest Ariel is taking it really hard as Sprout was the 'mom' dog to them all.

I am so grateful to all the blogworld and all of you ladies because I already have something to look forward to: the blog garden party hosted by Savoring Time in the Garden. I would be just hysterical with grief but at least I have something to plan for.

I really do love all you fellow bloggers and feel we do help each other through these trying times.

Update: my poor little delicate Ariel is taking this hard and had to go to the vet for not eating. Dogs really grieve for other dogs.

It is good that I had something to plan for this week (the blog garden party) -that has helped - but this has been a really tough week. Thanks to all of your who have commented and emailed... - I love all you 'url friends'!