Thursday, July 16

Swap defautlers

I also feel quite freely to speak my mind about all the people that sign up for swaps and then just flat out give an anemic response and then don't respond much less send their package.

Sadly this is a recurring thing in a lot of swaps. I would hate to think of a beginner blogger being excited and signing up for a swap and running into this.

It has happened to me. The wicked witch swap last year netted me a lady who flat out took my package and I received nada, not even a thank you or that she had received it.

Some swaps I have read about have super strict rules. Some apron swaps even require a reference! And a copy of the mailing receipt to the hostess. Some little children had been involved with their moms in receiving a little apron and in more than one instance these little kids sat waiting for their little aprons that never arrived.

Is this what our fun friendly innocent swaps are evolving into.

I do know I am not the only one going through this and happily I feel compelled to write about this problem so that others do not think they are alone in this!

Well, better late than never and surely better than being a defaulter - my package did come in! And it is quite wonderful.

But still, though, giveways and blog parties seem more of a sure deal.